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established in 1994

Fireside Homes Real Estate has had a strong presence in the Seattle area since it was established in 1994. Ron Hammill, the charming designated broker of Fireside Homes got his start at Advance Properties, which was located just down the street from where Fireside Homes now sits. Ron was given the opportunity to buy Advance Properties when the original owner wanted to get out of the real estate business. Ron didn't have the money to purchase such a profitable business, but was loaned the money from another Advance Properties agent who didn't want to have to change offices! Fireside Homes was born! The whole crazy mess turned into a well-established and well respected real estate brokerage.

The office moved to its current location at 18110 Midvale Ave N. and is a familiar presence when you drive along Aurora. Just east of hotspots such as the Highland Ice Arena, Darrell's Tavern, and Fred Meyer, our reader board has gained a popular following on social media as it continues to tell all who pass by it who our "Big Dog of the Month" is, what hot properties we have currently listed and what community events we are currently sponsoring.

In January 2018, Ron Hammill passed away after a long illness, but the Fireside Homes family remains strong. Under the guidance of Designated Broker Andrea Kirby Gallacci, our experienced brokers continue to serve their clients with personalized and well informed service. We go above and beyond what other real estate brokers offer their clients. 

For new brokers looking for a place to hang their license, Fireside Homes is just how it sounds; cozy and warm. We offer one on one training and we take a personal interest in our fellow brokers. We are indeed a family business. 

We look forward to meeting you :) 

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May 2, 1948 - January 23, 2018